About me

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I graduated as a student in English language and culture at Radboud University, after doing my Master’s internship at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics. My MA thesis was on the expression of temporal relations in Dutch children between 4 and 8 years of age. This is how my interest in psycholinguistic experimenting in general, and language production and temporality in particular, started.

I started my PhD with Christiane von Stutterheim and Mary Carroll (Heidelberg University, in southern Germany) in 2006 and graduated with a joint PhD in Linguistics from Heidelberg and Radboud University in Nijmegen (co-supervised by Pieter Muysken) in 2010.

After that, I stayed in Heidelberg for another year as replacement for the Assistant Professor at the Institute for German as a Foreign Language Philology (www.idf.uni-heidelberg.de), so I was mainly involved in teaching courses on psycholinguistics. Teaching and working with students is something which I very much enjoy.

I came back to Nijmegen, this time to the Donders Centre for Cognition, on an NWO-funded VENI-grant in January 2012.

I was then employed as senior investigator at the MPI for Psycholinguistics (Neurobiology of Language Dept.), until July 2020.

Then, I started my job as Assistant Professor at the dept. of Linguistics, University of Amsterdam. I teach in the BA Linguistics, the BSc Cognition, Language and Communication, and the research MSc Linguistics and Communication.

In my professional life, I would say the things I enjoy the most are:

Creating and designing new experiments (especially when they are kind of unusual and risky), running experiments, data analysis, mainly the exciting parts, e.g., taking a first look at data that was recently collected;

Setting up collaborations with colleagues, brainstorming and working together on a joint project; organizing meetings and workshops where people can meet and team up with others;

– Listening to and learning from other interesting people at conferences, workshops, project meetings.


I live in Amsterdam with my partner and two sons. In general, I like travelling and discovering new places. I am very fond of Asia and I have travelled through most of South East Asia. I love hiking, snorkeling, and I recently tried diving as well.


Beach on Pulah Weh, Sumatra, Indonesia

But also within Europe I very much enjoy going to different places; for example, I like to go back to Heidelberg at least once year, a city whose looks, atmosphere and surroundings I find truly beautiful. Visiting old friends, having a glass of wine in ‘culty’ pubs is a real pleasure, and so is strolling through the city, taking a walk in the Odenwald, or laying on the Neckarwiese in Summer.


View of Heidelberg, from the ‘Philosophenweg’

I enjoy cooking (but mainly the eating part ;)), drinking wine and chatting with friends – I am quite a social person and I am always interested in getting to know new people.